Our Domains of Intervention

Our Domains

Below is a list of our domains of intervention

Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture extension and development programs and projects environment –friendly in collaboration with SAPEP (Small holder Sub Saharan Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Program

Social and Economic Empowerment

Support focuses on establishing women/girl child and youth’s groups and farming groups for sustainable Development.

Education for all for sustainable development

Education for all (educational services) through the provision of didactic materials, books, libraries, benches and school infrastructure in rural settlements

Community and Primary Health care Education.

Wealth is health. Therefore SUPPORT has focused on promoting access to health in schools and communities at large as well as creating awareness on health tips about pandemics.

Humanitarian Assistance

From March 2020, SUPPORT took up a humanitarian response programs with people and communities infected and affected. The advent of Covid-19 has made SUPPORT to take the fore front in combatting this pandemic through the donation of thermo flashes, face marks, hand sanitizers etc.

Environment and Biodiversity Conservation. (EBC)

SUPPORT has set-up programs and projects geared towards sustainable biodiversity conservation. SUPPORT is working hand in glove with IRAD- Cameroon. (Institute of Agricultural Research For Development) in the domains of Environment and Biodiversity conservation. In June 2021 SUPPORT set up a program called Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation Program(SBCP)

Sustainable Development with ICTs (Information and Communication Technology)

SUPPORT has been involved with the promotion of Information and communication technology through the donation of computers, providing internet connection, setting up digital library in some schools and communities.


Gender, Human Rights and Governance

SUPPORT has been strongly involved in gender related issues, by the empowerment of women n girl child. Giving out lectures/ seminars on human rights and Governance related issues in Cameroon n without.